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Are you dealing with a hoarder and items in excess? Let ASE turn it into a clean success!

A Hoarder is someone who collects things in excess, such that it is interfering with the daily functioning of the household. The hoarder seems unable to stop collecting the items of their obsession. The day-to-day functioning of the Hoarder’s house is either lost or inaccessible due to their hoarded items taking over the home (e.g. you can’t go into certain rooms due to hoarding).


Everyday Hoarders Collector Hoarders
Book, Newspaper, & Magazine Hoarders Food Hoarders
Recycling Hoarders Trash Hoarders
Animal Hoarders  

  • In-Home Estimate: $49 (which will be deducted from any services provided)
  • Labor: $125-$150 per hour for a 3 man crew. If more men are needed, we can send up to a 6 man crew for an additional hourly charge. (books are heavier and therefore charges vary)
  • Disposal: $200-$250 per truck load.(books are heavier and therefore charges vary)

Optional Services & Fees That May Be Applied:

  • Sorting: $50 per hour for 1 dedicated Sorter (if the Customer wants to keep any of the items)
  • Boxing: $10 per box for medium box and $20 for large box.
  • Environmental Hazard Fee: $199 Optional Fee (for any clean-outs that require special environmental safety precautions by our workers).