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ASE Frequently Asked Questions

All day we talk to landlords and property managers about our services and county regulations so we thought we would provide you with some of our most typical questions and answers. If you do not see an answer to your particular situation, please give us a call in the office or send us a message on our contact page.

1. What is the process to schedule an ASE crew for my eviction?
When you receive a date and time from the Sheriff, visit our site and click the Schedule an Eviction Crew" link. Print out the form and fill it out completely (don't forget to initial #4). Fax it to our office at (240) 770-7029 or e-mail it back to us at One of our staff members will call you back in 15 to 30 minutes to confirm your eviction address, crew size, cost and place your eviction on our calendar. On the date and time of the eviction, the Field Manager and our crew will arrive at your property. You and the Sheriff will enter the unit and make sure everything is okay. Our crew will enter and put all of the tenant's items on the front lawn of the property. Upon completion, you will review the property and sign an electronic invoice with our Field Manager. The office will forward you a copy of the paid invoice to the e-mail address indicated on your form.

2. How does ASE determine the prices for their services?
When quoting ASE eviction prices, we take into account the size of your property, the required crew size and the property location.

3. How soon do I need to contact ASE to schedule a crew and can I pay with cash?
As soon as you receive a date and time from the sheriff/marshal/constable, contact us to book your eviction. We can schedule from anywhere between two weeks out of the eviction and up to 24 hours in advance. Please note that there is an additional $100 fee for a same day booking. We only accept credit card payments for same day services. The credit card information must be included on the service agreement form with your signature and your initial of our cancellation policy before you are put on the calendar. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express credit cards.

4. I already have 4 family members for my eviction, can I book another 6 crew members for my required 10 man crew?
ASE only supplies full crews for evictions and due to liability and insurance concerns, we cannot mix our insured crew members with non-payrolled eviction attendees.

5. Do you remove everything inside of the property? Can I pick what I want to stay?
ASE only removes property items as determined by the Sheriff/Marshal/Constable which is typically anything of value and NOT trash. We recommend verifying with the Sheriff at the time of eviction as to what can and cannot be moved. Generally, everything must be removed and you are not able to pick what you would like to keep in the property.

6. Does ASE provide trash bags?
Yes, we do provide a box of 42-gallon contractor bags with each process. If your eviction needs more than the bags included, you can bring additional boxes or ASE can include additional boxes at $25.00 a box. (Please note: your bags must be 42-gallon contractor bags, 3 mil in thickness. If your provided trash bags are not able to hold the evicted items, ASE will have extra bags on site and the cost will be reflected in your bill.

7. What if the tenant moves out, the tenant pays or it rains the day of my eviction?
ASE has a four (4) business hour cancellation policy. ASE requires that you contact our office 4 business hours before your scheduled eviction so as not to be charged the flat rate cancellation fee. Most of our competitors have 24-hour cancellation policies, but we try to give you as much time as you can to determine if you really need our services. So if your eviction is scheduled for 2:00pm, you have to cancel your eviction before 10:00am that same day to avoid the cancellation fee. If the eviction is scheduled for 10:00am, you must contact our office before 3:00pm the day before to avoid the cancellation fee. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm. If ASE arrives at the property to complete the eviction but it is cancelled for any reason, the full price of the eviction will be due. If the sheriff/marshal/constable cancels your eviction due to the weather, you have 30 days to reschedule with us to have your deposit applied to the new date. If you are not able to reschedule the eviction in 30 days, your deposit will be held. ASE requires a deposit of half of the first hour of your eviction to secure your scheduled time. This deposit is charged four (4) business hours before the scheduled eviction. Please call the office if you have further questions concerning our cancellation policy.

8. I believe my tenant has changed the locks. Can ASE help me enter the property?
Yes, ASE can help you enter the property at the time of the eviction for an additional fee. All of our locksmith services are a $50 upfront fee and if you utilized the service, the cost is subtracted from the final cost of the overall service.

9. My tenant's items are out in the front lawn, how long do they have to stay there until I can remove them?
Every jurisdiction has a different time frame for item removal. The time frame can range from 4 hours to 72 hours. ASE recommends checking with your local jurisdiction or talking with the law enforcement official at the time of your eviction to confirm the length of time your tenant's items are to stay outside. Please remember, once this time frame has lapsed, you are liable and could possibly incur fees from the city, county, or your community HOA. For your convenience, ASE does provide junk removal services. Please call the office to schedule a quote.

10. My tenant has voluntarily moved out and there is debris everywhere in my property. Can ASE come to my property and remove the items?
ASE provides clean-up/junk removal/trash removal services. Contact our office and one of our Field Managers will come to the property to accurately quote a cost for the cleanup and trash removal. Upon approval, the crew and a truck will remove and dispose of the trash or items in the property. We are also able to provide a cleaning for your property after the trash out is complete.

11. Why should I use ASE?
Not only do we provide top quality customer service but our professionalism blows the competition away. Our offices are staffed from 9:00am to 5:00pm every day with friendly professional staff ready to handle your requests and concerns. Our crews are uniformed and managed by experienced and friendly Field Managers. We are able to handle your eviction requests and cancellations during business hours quickly via our website, e-mail or fax. Our CEO was careful to minimize the company overhead so that only a small percentage is passed on to our customers. We have great relationships with law enforcement officials in MD and DC and have come highly recommended. You are also invited to visit our office anytime to book an eviction or talk to our staff. Most importantly, we believe in educating the customer, whether you utilize our service or not.

12. What important questions should I ask when choosing an eviction company?
There are many eviction companies in the area you can call for services. When you contact an eviction company you want to ask the following questions:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. Does your company have a personal relationship with the Sheriffs, Marshals or Constables?
  3. How do you ensure that my eviction crew will arrive to my property on time and together?
  4. Can I come to your office if I ever need to address a concern?
  5. Is there someone available during business hours to respond to my e-mails, faxes and calls immediately?
  6. Am I calling an office or a cell phone?

Asking the right questions will ensure that you are placing your money and your tenant's property in the right hands.